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Giving back while shopping : Halal cosmetics and Black Lives Matter

Giving back while shopping : Halal cosmetics and Black Lives Matter

Before I support from a company I look to see if they are a business that is aligned with my beliefs. Some of the things I look for is if they are black owned (you can check out my article about that here), woman owned, Muslim owned. I check to see if they are vegan, halal or cruelty free. I gravitate towards products that are natural or at minimum non toxic. Lastly, I get particularly excited when I see that companies give back or donate to charities. 

Both inquiring where companies spend my hard earned dollars and how they treat my community is something that my mother ingrained in me. I don't think she intentionally encouraged me to pay attention to where my dollars would end up.  Rather she would share with pride that this organization she gave to spent on such and such.  I remember she wouldn't shop at this supermarket a block away because of how they treated black people. Instead she would walk to the next neighborhood to do our weekly shopping.  (Interestingly both stores are Muslim owned read more about that here) By the time I had a few dollars to spend I was very careful with them.

Fast-forward to today. It is very on trend put your money where your mouth is. It is no longer acceptable to continue to support a business who blatantly stands against equality and justice.  Companies are routinely "canceled" for maintaining corrupt or non inclusive policies. Businesses are boycotted for being or supporting oppressive or prejudice people and policies. I support it. But I say we take it a step further and actively promote and patron businesses that not only say they are anti racist but give to the cause.

With that said and without further ado here is a list of halal cosmetics that give to Black Lives Matter.

Photo Credit Tuesday in Love
Tuesday in Love is one of  the halal nail polish lines I love.  The brand it self was created out of love, by a husband who created the line for his wife who loves nail varnish.  As a company they have consistently given back to numerous causes, including but far from limited to Islamic relief and Nisa homes. They are vegan, cruelty free,child labor free, halal certified, water permeable and 5 free.  I recently purchased from them using the code BLACKLIVES for 20% off. They also pledged to donate the proceeds from that purchase to Black Lives Matter. 

 Photo Credit Mersi Cosmetics

Mersi Cosmetics is vegan,cruelty free, halal certified, water permiable, non toxic ( 11 free YES!)  They are also produced and packaged in the US.They currently have a black lives matter donation set. When you purchase it 50% will go to Black Lives Matter. 

The demand for halal and vegan cosmetics is steadily growing. Now their are numerous lines on the market. Over the next few weeks I will be doing swatches and reviews of nail polishes.  Be sure to follow my YouTube  and Instagram for updates. You can also check out my ultimate list of halal nail polishes here. Also please feel free to reach out to me at if you have a specific brand or color that you'd like to see.